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Detect cast flaws with certainty using X-ray technology

Even when the greatest care is taken, a major risk remains that externally unrecognizable casting flaws occur due to the complex interactions in the casting process. However, they can be identified using X-ray inspection.

Light metal wheels

X-ray inspection of casting wheels

Wheel inspection using X-rays ensures wheel stability and prevents optical defects on the wheel surface.

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Casting parts with Y.HDR-Inspect

X-ray inspection for quality assurance in all types of cast parts

Casting defects like porosity, pores, voids, heat cracks, changes in dimension and inclusion are easily detected with YXLON products.

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Piston with detected salt-core

Piston inspection to avoid subsequent damage

Pistons with production defects can lead to serious subsequent damage.

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Cylinder head

X-ray inspection of cylinder heads and engine blocks

Demanding quality control is necessary during the casting process for engine blocks and cylinder heads.

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Axle Arm

Quality control of chassis parts

Many chassis parts need a 100% quality control.

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Brake disk with detected defects

X-ray inspection of modern brake systems

Brake disks, brake calipers and brake pads place special demands for x-ray inspection.

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