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X-ray inspection of welds in the field

The X-ray inspection of welds in a “rough & tumble” environment, for example at oil and gas pipeline sites, shipyards or petrochemical plants, places special demands on the X-ray technology used.

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Weld inspection in the field
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Weld inspection in the field
  • Crack identification
  • Verification of bonding flaws
  • Deployment under rough conditions

X-ray film technology is still mainly worked with here because the areas to be inspected are frequently hard to access and full of nooks and crannies. Radioactive isotopes often serve as the beam source, though they also cause a large amount of bureaucratic “red tape”.

On the other hand, efficient and productive portable X-ray generators represent a good alternative X-ray source. Here too, however, particular requirements must be met due to varying temperature zones and humidity. The components of our mobile X-ray generators are mounted on a transport car.

Digital detector technology can also be utilized to good advantage in this sector because the image quality achieved immediately allows a possible conclusion to be drawn, and because it offers all the other advantages film lacks, for instance easy archiving and the omission of chemicals.

We offer you a wide range of X-ray techniques at our application centers. We design solutions that replace X-ray films, provide radioscopy and fully automatic defect recognition in X-ray images, as well as computed tomography services for scanning inspection items ranging from micro-CT to CT using a linear accelerator.