CT for Additive Manufacturing

Computed Tomography for Additive Manufacturing

Computed tomography (CT) is the most effective technology for non-destructive testing (NDT). The dataset obtained from a CT scan allows customers to examine material samples, observe defects, perform measurements and identify variations in density. Engineers, builders, researchers and scientists can therefore discover features that could not previously be examined without destroying the test object.

The data obtained permit the development of new materials and new geometries. A complete specimen framed in a single scan allows us to detect possible defects and dimensions. In the past, these scans and the subsequent processing phases lasted several hours, sometimes even days; with the modern hardware and software systems available today, scans and analyzes are available in just a few minutes.

Here you will find some interesting reads about additive manufacturing and computed tomography:
Additive manufacturing opens up completely new possibilities for design engineers. It allows them to print the most complex geometries.

This can help to improve efficiency e.g. in aerospace, where internal cooling channels in turbine blades enhance their performance drastically.

To make sure the product is printed in highest quality and to improve the printing process, computed tomography is used e.g. for measuring the internal structures of each part. Reliable measurements of these channels and reliable detection of channel blockings are safety critical! 

In only one CT scan all the information needed can be found to avoid a high rate of porosity and delamination inside the part, as well as cracks and geometrical distortions due to residual thermal stresses in the printed product.

We are convinced that applying CT in the earliest stages of the additive manufacturing development cycle will help your teams understand the root cause of build defects and help them design and optimize your processes to prevent the flaws from coming up in the first place, because let’s face it: You don’t want to test quality, you want to build it.

YXLON is your strong QA-partner for applying CT in the design stage, building confidence in the quality of your additive manufactured parts, and of course supplying the ideal solution for verifying the build quality of your produced parts as well.
Computed Tomography in Process Control
Computed tomography enables you to collect valuable information about the print quality of your 3D printed products and to feed this information back into the quality loop for a continuous improvement of your printing processes.

Using CT in additive manufacturing parameter development processes saves a lot of time and costs compared to conventional methods of density determination or micrographs. Micrographs, for instance, give information only about one slice whereas computed tomography is a holistic approach, providing a great wealth of information.

Computed Tomography in Certification and Qualification
CT is mandatory for the certification of safety critical AM parts. The qualification of an aerospace additive manufactured part requires more than 1000 non-destructive tests before it’s approved.

Computed Tomography for Profitability
Applying CT in combination with additive manufacturing instead of conventional manufacturing and QA methods can lead to a cost reduction of over 70% and a manufacturing lead time reduction of more than 65%.
If you would like to read more about how computed tomography can help you with additive manufacturing improvement, you can find the new additive manufacturing study of our partner AMPower here.

No failure, just many ways to improve

Do you want to…
  • reduce your development time cycles?
  • develop parts today which meet the standards of tomorrow?
  • make your QA-processes more profitable?
  • lower your risk by increasing defect detectability?
  • build solid QA-knowledge in your engineers right at the beginning of the additive manufacturing process chain?

Then let us…
  • help you establish a CT system or professional InspectionServices as an additive manufacturing development tool throughout the whole process chain.
  • update you on latest additive manufacturing standardization work
  • consult you on design-to-inspect guidelines
  • show you how to align your printing and inspection strategy
  • train your teams on quality assurance with computed tomography

You already know us as a leading manufacturer for X-ray and CT systems...

But do you also know we work in standardization committees for QA of additive manufactured parts? That we develop standardized CT-workflows to increase the expertise of our users? That we work closely together with printer manufacturers to push the build quality even further?

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