Webinar: CT of AM parts for stationary turbo machines

Webinar in cooperation with Siemens Energy AG, Germany

The industrial powder bed 3D printing technology (L-PBF) is an important instrument to increase the efficiency of stationary turbomachinery. However, the combination of new 3D geometries, increased functionality, material properties, and equipment technology creates challenges that need to be understood and solved during product and technology development. This knowledge is essential to ensure the consistency of high-quality component manufacturing. Computed tomography (CT) significantly contributes to the identification of interrelationships, the analysis of root causes and the evaluation of the effectiveness measures that occur during the setup of a complete AM product line.
Source: https://kem.industrie.de/maschinenelemente/brennerkoepfe-fuer-gasturbinen-aus-dem-3d-drucker-von-siemens/#slider-intro-3

Burner heads for gas turbines from the 3D printer
Image: Martin Witzsch
What you will learn:
  • Understanding the key parameters of L-PBF systems
  • Component tests: Nominal-Actual status of internal geometries 
  • Process qualification: evaluation of the de-powdering process and serial test procedures
  • Welding process development – determination of the most suitable position for destructive testing

Speaker: Sebastian Wallich (Siemens Energy AG)

Sebastian Wallich is a materials tester and has been working at the Siemens Berlin gas turbine plant since his apprenticeship. He is involved in the AM component and process qualification, but also in failure analysis of R&D parts. He focuses on the investigation of L-PBF processes using computed tomography. He has accompanied the introduction of additive manufacturing at Siemens Energy and became a specialist in computed tomography. He is also involved in various in-house digitalization projects.

Speaker: Andreas Kreutzer (Siemens Energy AG)

Dipl-Ing. Andreas Kreutzer is involved in the industrialization and qualification of process chains for the production of L-PBF-based components for power generation. In addition he focuses on plant technology, digital process chains, heat treatment, further processing, geometric component testing and non-destructive testing. Prototyping and qualification of technologies and process chains are key elements on the way to serial production of AM components in the energy sector.

The webinar took place in August 2021

The webinar was held in German. The webinar recording contains the English subtitles.

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