CT Metrology

YXLON CT Metrology Systems Put You a Step Ahead

YXLON high-precision computed tomography (CT) systems for dimensional measurement deliver precise data for accurate surface determination, confidence in results, and incremental productivity for future-proof quality assurance.

YXLON CT Metrology - What It's All About?

YXLON CT Metrology provides precise non-destructive measurements of inner structures with increased complexity via an optimized imaging chain, which can’t be achieved by optical or tactile means. Each YXLON CT metrology system offers:
  • Temperature control and compensation 
  • Stable focal point of X-ray tubes (water cooling)
  • Accurate sample positioning by Heidenhain encoders
  • Optimal image quality (enhanced calibration)
  • Sub voxel surface determination method

YXLON CT Metrology enables you to perform actual/nominal comparison and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).

Injection molding in the automotive industry is a production technique where YXLON technology’s ability to non-destructively measure interior structures truly pays off.

  • Helps establish rapid workflow
  • Saves time and money
  • Analyses defects
  • Allows nominal actual comparison
  • GD&T – Measures the dimensions

CT scans of molded parts offer a comprehensive solution because they provide a highly accurate surface approximation when subsequently performing reverse engineering for tool corrections.

CT Metrology