X-ray Inspection of Welds

Quality Assurance for Weld Inspection with Digital X-ray Systems and Portable X-ray Systems

Assuring weld quality is critical in many applications and industries such as aerospace, power plants, ship building and boiler connections. YXLON offers a wide range of non-destructive testing solutions with portable X-ray systems, stationary X-ray systems as well as X-ray and CT inspection systems.
Inspection of Pipe Segments with Longitudinal and Spiral Welds

Although X-ray inspection competes with other technologies at pipe mills, (i.e. ultrasonics), radiography offers decisive advantages as an imaging technology.

  • Replacement for film when inspecting pipe ends
  • Rapid inspection of longitudinal and spiral welds
  • Post-inspection of ultrasonic indications

Despite advances in automated welding processes, weld irregularities can still occur. YXLON Pipe Kits, in compliance with DIN EN ISO 6520, can be used to detect defects that include:

  • Pore cells
  • Bonding flaws
  • Insufficient full-penetration welds 

In contrast to other technologies, difficult areas like pipe ends can also be inspected with confidence using X-ray. Moreover, for certain regions of the weld an inspection involving X-ray is frequently stipulated for safety reasons – for instance in the case of conjoined spiral-weld sections. Using film, image intensifiers, or digital flat-panel detectors – X-ray systems have been deployed successfully in quality assurance processes during pipe production for both spot-check welding samples and for full inspection.

X-ray imaging technology has the distinct advantage of being able to document well the quality of weld connections during manufacturing – for example, through video recordings of the inspection in a moving image. Defects can be detected better and faster using our YXLON HDR-Inspect.

We offer you a wide range of X-ray techniques at our application centers. We design solutions that replace X-ray films, provide radioscopy, and fully automatic defect recognition in X-ray images. We also offer computed tomography services ranging from micro-CT to CT using a linear accelerator to scan inspection items.