CT for TEI's Technologically Advanced Casting Process

TEI's migration to the largest provider of 3D sand printing in the US

By Dirk Steiner / January 22, 2021
Tooling & Equipment International (TEI) is a global leader in design, engineering and manufacturing for prototype, pre-production and mass production equipment for the casting industry. Started in 1918 as Automotive Pattern, TEI houses a foundry and comprehensive machine shop with 55 CNC machines. About 10 years ago, Oliver Johnson, TEI’s president, began to shift the company toward manufacturing prototypes of extremely high quality. The entire company soon converted to making high-quality parts, which remains TEI’s current focus. This important pivot led TEI to invest in new, advanced technologies including 3D printing for sand molds, simulation technology,low-pressure casting, computed tomography (CT) and X-ray inspection.

“Sand castings and CT are powerful developmenttools. CT is critical here because we have to produceparts that have very high integrity. CT gives us a fabulous image of what is inside the casting.”
Oliver Johnson, TEI’s President

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