Industrial Computed Tomography for Composites: On-Demand Webinar

By Dirk Steiner / July 13, 2017

Now is your chance to view this webinar to learn how industrial computed tomography (CT) can be used for the inspection of composite materials.


Dirk Steiner,
YXLON Business Development

During this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Dirk Steiner (YXLON Business Development Manager) will cover industrial computed tomography (CT) 101. He will discuss sample data sets taken from composites that are used in the automotive and aerospace industries. You'll learn more about how CT improves profitability and reduces cost. Mr. Steiner's presentation also includes a demonstration of 3D imaging software.  

You will learn:

  • Basics of industrial computed tomography 
  • 3D visualization of CT data sets
  • Sample CT scans of composite materials
  • Fiber orientation analysis 

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Please reach out to Dirk via email or call him (, 770-289-7708) with any questions you have about a specific application for industrial CT.