Understanding Accuracy of Computed Tomography:

Definitions, Standards, and Calculations to know

By Connie Hanzlik / June 15, 2021
One might think a measurement using the same calibrated tool would have the same accuracy regardless of the object being measured.  But metrology is more than that, as this whitepaper will show. “Uncertainty of measurement” can be influenced by the object being measured, as well as the specific measurement task. 
In our industry we use Metrology to measure a specific feature and compare it to the specified tolerance. The main question is, “How can I use a specific process to measure a specific feature accurately enough to be the designated callout of being within tolerance?”.  The first step is to determine the uncertainty of measurement. The second step is to compare that determination to the tolerance and then make a decision as to whether process is suitable.
To delve deeper into the topics of precision and accuracy, and the difference between the two download the full whitepaper in which Dirk Steiner explains the similarities and differences using examples, diagrams and calculations. 

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