Big Data in Industry 4.0 with At-line X-ray Inspection

By Madeleine Sadler / November 28, 2017

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Smart Factories are not only trendy buzzwords, the concept of machine to machine communication and integration is becoming vital to the advancement of many manufacturing industries. Yxlon's Global Business Development Manager, Ragnar Vaga takes us through the implications of Industry 4.0 and integration of at-line X-ray inspection in the field of electronics assembly in his article featured in i4.0 Today.

Like any testing system, in-line X-ray inspection is not infallible. When the system detects a possible defect, the part is immediately pushed off the line and, in most cases, scrapped. There is no time for a closer inspection, as another board is waiting. This promotes high false failure rates and subsequently augmented waste and costs. Here is where at-line X-ray integration comes in.

With fully integrated systems, the in-line system can immediately send information about a potentially faulty part to an at-line X-ray system, placed along side the main assembly line. Here, the at-line system can interpret the data and zoom in on the areas already identified as suspect by the in-line system. Now, you can get a second look at a component without slowing down the flow of production. 

The at-line system allows for human intervention to determine whether the part is indeed defective, or whether it was a false failure, all the while, the management information system is receiving loads of information about exactly what was wrong and where to be used in Root Cause Analysis, enabling preventative measures to be taken further up-stream in production. This is really the first step in the transition to truly Smart Factories.

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