Exploring Biological Specimens with Computed Tomography

By Madeleine Sadler / September 21, 2017
Nebria Single Mediumscan

At the end of July, YXLON International, a company of the Swiss tech holding COMET Group, lent one of their state-of-the-art computed tomography systems to the California Academy of Sciences.  The FF20 CT system will be in use at the institute until January 31st, 2018.


Computed Tomography (CT) imaging technology allows Cal Academy scientists to see the inner features of specimens using non-destructive evaluation methods.

This compact industrial CT system is on loan to explore how this technology can be used to understand and sustain life on Earth. 

Cal Academy Training 1.jpg

High resolution CT scans will reveal critical clues of how organisms work and how they’re related.  This cooperation will create and provide images for scientific study and public inspiration.

They have already used the FF20 CT to produce stunning images of a variety of biological specimens and explore the natural world around us.

Nebria Single MediumscanNebria Single Mediumscan

Above are CT images of a Nebria eschscholtzi, a beetle native to California and the American west. They will use images like these to study different aspects of how the insect’s organs function. The internal structure highlighted in red is the kidney.

Shown above are CT images of a juvenile California Sea Lion tooth.  The left offers a cross sectional view while the right highlights the enamel in red and the root in green.

We look forward to seeing more stunning images throughout our partnership with Cal Academy of Sciences.  We hope to help not only uncover more about the 46 million specimens housed at the institute, but also inspire the public to discover more about this great planet and all of its inhabitants.

YXLON will also be attending one of the institute’s many NightLife events, Sharktoberfest, on October 5th at 6pm; one day after the grand opening of Lab ONE in San Jose, CA. 

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To see the official press release about our new partnership with the California Academy of Sciences, click here to visit our web page.