Highest product quality is a major competitive advantage in electronics. Developed especially for the electronics market, our eHDR filter highlights critical structures with just one click. It detects even the slightest variances in grayscale and no defect will be missed, thanks to our software and the enhanced 16-bit grayscale values. This is a real “game changer” as it allows you to easily see faults that were invisible before.
New user friendly FGUI and larger monitor

With the new and improved software it is easier to observe and change all X-ray parameters at the same time. Also, the monitor is much bigger so that both the X-ray image and the popular overview image are available in higher detail.
Multi Area Void Calculation (MAVC)

Today’s soldering connections are getting more and more complex. QFNs and other bottom terminated devices can only be inspected using X-ray. Not using X-ray leads to a high risk of missing solder joints or large areas of voiding which could result in product failures. MAVC helps detect voids in complex soldering designs. With just four parameters to adjust, setup is quick, simple, and cost-efficient. Results are consistent, repeatable and accurate.