Evolution is a Process of Change

In today’s electronic manufacturing the amount of structures per area and their complexity is increasing and with it the need for more sophisticated software, which can process more complex images. Consequently, automated inspection and holistic data analysis is the next essential step.

The new Cheetah EVO and Cougar EVO systems are smartly designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, guaranteeing efficient and reliable zero fault production. Check the new features on this website and say hello to evolution in electronics to empower you today and in the future.

YXLON Cougar EVO and Cheetah EVO - Next step in computed tomography and automated inspection
  • Large flat-panel detector for utmost flexibility
  • Best-in-class laminography with micro3D slice
  • Integrated workflows and visualization with  FF CT Software
  • Dosage mode for sensitive components
  • High load capacity (up to 20 kg) for Cheetah EVO
  • Process automation and integration into production line