YXLON UX50 – The New Benchmark!

You need to reliably analyze the internal structures of large and dense parts? You need fast and precise inspection results without having deep prior knowledge in X-ray and CT technology? You need maximum flexibility with all available CT techniques? You can't do without brilliant, high-contrast fluoroscopy with high-dynamic radioscopy (HDR)? You want to be prepared for the future and always be at the cutting edge of technology with the help of upgrades? Then find out what YXLON UX50 has to offer you! A CT inspection system designed for fast, precise, and reliable use in production environments, with easy and ergonomic operation for every user. We think: This will make you a hero!
  • Utmost flexibility with flat-panel and/or line detector
  • Broad spectrum of CT technologies such as cone-beam and fan-beam scans, circular and helical CT, horizontal and vertical field-of-view extensions for extra-large parts
  • Excellent image quality through metal artifact reduction and ScatterFix

For more information, please visit the product page of our YXLON UX50!