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Here you will find all answers to the questions you've asked during our online launch events.
This page will be frequently updated with questions and answers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

What is the delivery time of the system?
The delivery time of the UX50 is approximately 4 months from receiving your order till packaging in our factory. But we have to admit, that due to worldwide supply chain issues, it may take longer.

What is the weight of the UX50?
The weight of the cabinet is approx. 12 tons for the cabinet (incl. control rack, tube, and two detectors).

What is the maximum size of the parts which can be scanned with UX50?
The maximum part size is 600 mm diameter and 800 mm height, which is approx. a diameter of 24.6 inches and a height of 31.5 inches.

What are the dimensions of the cabinet?
The dimensions of the cabinet are approx. 2.7m width, 2.6m depth and 2.3 m height.

How long are the scan times with the UX50?
That depends on your part, part size, and the requirements of image quality resp. detail visibility. For example, a car headlight can be scanned in minutes to check roughly the assembly with a flat-panel detector. An engine block like the V8 in perfect quality needs an overnight scan with the line detector.

Do you have trainings available?
Yes, we already have defined training packages. Check our YXLON Academy page. If you can’t find the right training, fell free to contact our training department via the contact form.

What is the kV range of the tube?
The kV range of the tube is 20 kV to 450 kV.

What is the size of the flat-panel detector?
The size of the active area of the flat-panel detector is 430 mm x 430 mm.

In case I order a single-detector system, can it be upgraded on-site?
Absolutely. The system is upgradeable from a one-detector configuration to the full configuration with a line  and flat-panel detector. Our service is already trained to upgrade your system.

Is it possible to combine flat-panel and line detector CT for one part inspection?
Yes, in a single inspection sequence you can combine flat-panel CT, line detector CT and even 2D inspection! All results will be aligned to a specific part type and part ID.

What are the scan modes of UX50?
With flat-panel detector, the scan modes are standard cone beam, scan-field extension (horizontal, vertical, both), and helical CT. With the line detector, we have standard fan beam, which can be combined with the YXLON patented fan-beam horizontal field-of-view extension.

Does your software support multiple languages?
Yes, and you can easily switch the software language on the fly. German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese are already available. In the European Union we deliver local languages as soon as an order has been placed.

For more information, please visit the product page of our YXLON UX50!