Are you enthusiastic about technology, do you enjoy teamwork, and want to play an active role in shaping the future? Are you looking for intensive, comprehensive, and varied training as a mechatronics technician or industrial clerk in an international company?
We rely on our junior staff to advance our company technically or commercially. Show what you're made of and start your professional life with Yxlon!
Feel free to send us an unsolicited application or apply directly.

School Students

As part of the annual Girls' and Boys' Day, Yxlon opens its doors to pupils between the 5th and 10th grades. We want to give you the opportunity to gain early insight into our professions and our industry. With this Future Day, we at Yxlon intend to help young people discover their interests.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to offer school internships at this time, as we cannot ensure your on-site support.

Your point of contact:

HR Team Yxlon
Job Hotline: +49 40 527290