YXLON Cougar EVO Series

Scalable small footprint X-ray inspection systems for assembly and laboratory applications.

The YXLON Cougar EVO series was designed to provide the "best-in-class" inspection solutions for SMT, semiconductor, and laboratory assembly applications, while maintaining a small system footprint for maximum convenience. With optimized software and hardware, these systems produce higher quality and more consistent results than other electronics inspection systems currently on the market.

  • Optimized design and new ultrasharp monitor
  • Simplified, enhanced, and reliable X-ray inspections
  • Exceptional 2D/3D image quality in the shortest time
  • User-friendly FGUI interface
  • Minimal system footprint for limited space

Why compromise?

Get the right system for your application.

The Cougar EVO range was created to achieve a simple goal: the very best image in the shortest time, in each of the electronics market sectors. With 3 different systems, each custom built for either SMT, semiconductor, or laboratory, users get the best solution for their specific and demanding application.

Prepare your Smart Factory with YXLON ProLoop

  • The optimal yield enhancement solution
  • Real-time communication and reporting of failures and trends
  • Continuous process improvement made easy by real-time data integration
  • The ultimate verification process optimizer


  • SMT and PTH assemblies
  • PCBs
  • IGBTs

Benefits for SMT

  • Accurate, fast, and repeatable inspection - manually and automatically
  • High power, high resolution inspection of very small features
  • Easy to use, dynamic image enhancing filters, e.g. eHDR


  • eHDR-Inspect
  • Improved, user friendly FGU Multi Area Void Calculation
  • Extended BGA Inspection
  • Extended ADR

System Highlights

The small-sized, affordable Cougar EVO SMT utilizes the combined power of several YXLON innovations - FeinFocus X-ray tube technology, High Power Target technology, and a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector. The assortment of trays ensures that it can generate 2D and 3D images in extremely high resolution.

In addition to imaging excellence, you can look forward to simple, user-friendly controls and YXLON FGUI - FeinFocus Graphical User Interface - software, not to mention the myriad benefits of comprehensive automation. One-click solutions make manual inspections effortless, while Easy Teach-In makes it simple to program the automated procedures that guide the operator swiftly through inspections - and deliver repeatable and reliable results.

Cougar EVO SMT can be upgraded for CT with the optional microCT module. This enables CT for industrial quality assurance, with in-depth 3D examination of inspection items via virtual cross sections and layers. With its user-friendly YXLON QuickScan® module, it delivers 3D images and virtual slices within a minute.

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