The customized standard with the smallest footprint for x-ray inspection in SMT, Semicon and laboratories

Future smart factories are all about connectivity and self-optimizing processes. Therefore, the most valuable quality control systems are the ones that offer improved automated inspections and can become an integral part of the production line. The new Cougar EVO system is smartly designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, guaranteeing efficient and reliable zero fault production. It is optionally equipped with dosage mode for especially sensitive components and a larger detector size for utmost flexibility. With the new FF CT Software it enables optimized X-ray and CT industrial quality inspections, delivering even more accurate results. It is the outcome of Yxlon’s constant need for innovation and it is here to empower you today and in the future.

  • Next generation CT and automated inspection
  • Best-in-class Laminography with micro3Dslice which provides a substantial cost savings over micro sectioning
  • FF CT software with improved workflow
  • Optimized to customer specifications
  • Dosage mode for sensitive components
  • Small footprint

System Capabilities

Next Generation Quality and Reliability in a Small Footprint

We believe in the power of evolution and what it can do for you. That’s why we’ve upgraded the YXLON Cougar EVO system with advanced features that help you reach new heights in quality and reliability, all in a small footprint.  Smartly designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, the Cougar EVO empowers you to deliver efficient and reliable, zero fault production.

The Cougar EVO system includes new advanced features to evolve right along with you.  With innovative comprehensive capabilities, the Cougar EVO enables you to keep up with the demands of next generation technologies.

Cougar EVO can optionally be equipped with our innovative new ORYX 1616 detector featuring a 50% larger field of view than its previous version. Combined with Cougar EVO’s improved automated processes, it requires fewer steps from you, helping to enhance your productivity.

ORYX 1616 is designed with high sensitivity to deliver high quality imaging and less dose. An optional dose reduction kit is available to further reduce dose rate on sensitive components by using filters and a collimator. Due to the detector’s enhanced radiation resistance, you will also benefit from its long product life.

The Cougar EVO is the perfect choice for x-ray inspection in SMT, Semicon and laboratories with the smallest footprint available on the market today.

Today’s smart factories rely on improved workflows to remain competitive.  Cougar EVO delivers on that promise with an integrated workflow program on the FGUI interface.  Our innovative FF CT Software enables optimized automated X-ray and CT industrial quality inspections, delivering even more accurate results. Designed to start automatically for faster reconstruction FF CT software has a unique ability to render 3D realistic cinematic images with a preset selection of transfer functions (TF). The visualization capabilities offer the same high quality as CT volumes so you can achieve clear visual fault detection. It is the outcome of Yxlon’s commitment to the power of evolution.

Prepare your Smart Factory with YXLON ProLoop

  • The optimal yield enhancement solution
  • Real-time communication and reporting of failures and trends
  • Continuous process improvement made easy by real-time data integration
  • The ultimate verification process optimizer

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Size 440 x 550 [mm] (17'' x 21'')
System Dimensions (W/D/H) 1000 x 1050 x 2200 [mm]
System Weight 1450 kg
FeinFocus X-ray Tube FXT-160.50 Microfocus or FXT-160.51 Multifocus, 20 - 160 kV voltage range
Detector Active Area 1004 x 620 px (Y.Panel 1308), 1004 x 1004 px (Y.Panel 1313), 1276 x 1276 px (ORYX 1616)
Pixel Pitch 127 µm2
Bit Depth 16 bit
Oblique Viewing +/- 70° (140°)
Max. Radiographic Area 310 x 310 [mm] (12'' x 12'')
3D Modes Laminography (micro3Dslice), CT Quick Scan, Quality Scan

SMT inspections:
grand performance for small devices

Surface-mounted devices are very small and often tightly fitted to a given area. That is why in order to get the most accurate and repeatable test results the inspection system must provide not only high performance and resolution but also be equipped with dynamic image enhancing filters.

  • SMT and PTH assemblies
  • PCBs
  • IGBTs

Benefits for SMT
  • Accurate, fast, and repeatable inspections – manually and automatically
  • High power, high resolution inspection of very small features
  • Easy to use, dynamic enhancing filters, e.g. eHDR
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