YXLON MU2000-D Tire on Wheel

X-ray Inspection System for Tire on Wheel Applications

With YXLON MU2000-D Tire on Wheel, X-ray inspection of tires that are wheel mounted can be carried out efficiently, acquiring high quality HDR images. This economical system is ideal for small sample tests in production and R&D, and root cause failure analysis.
  • Highest image quality for reliable HDR (Highly Dynamic Radioscopy) inspection decisions
  • Economic solution for small batch sizes and sample tests
  • Excellent results with minimum investment due to ease-of-use software interface 
  • Small footprint fits into existing plant layouts 
  • Quick release rotation axis for mounting tires for 360° inspection

System Capabilities

MU2000-D is the perfect X-ray system when it comes to spot-check sample testing in wheel inspection. As the best-known standard inspection system from YXLON, we have sold more than 350 units since it was launched.

A reasonably priced, easy-to-operate system with a compact design and the newest radiographic technology gives it a convincing advantage when you add the “Tire on Wheel” option.

MU2000-D Tire on Wheel real-time inspections reflect a distinct reduction in both time and costs. Outstanding detail detectability and simple, intuitive operation enables high throughput, without compromising the certainty of inspection decisions.

  • Radioscopic inspection of tires mounted on a wheel is used for examining tires under pressure and particularly the tire seat on the rim in R&D, production quality verification or failure root cause investigations.
  • Equipped with modern digital flat-panel detectors and YXLON HDR-Inspect technology, MU2000-D Tire on Wheel supplies brilliant image quality and high contrast
  • With MU2000-D Tire on Wheel, X-ray inspections can be carried out efficiently. Flaws in bead placement on the wheel are detected easily
  • Tread delamination, incorrect placement of tire subcomponents, or variances in thickness or tread of inner liner, sidewalls or tire tread can also be confirmed. 

The wheel is mounted on an axis that rotates automatically, enabling various inspection positions to be reached. With the help of tangential radiographic images across the entire 360° range, the tire’s inner alignment and belt plies position can be easily verified.

Image acquisition features optimum resolution and dynamic images. When it comes to tire image processing and digital storage, image enhancement and archiving programs can be integrated.

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Dimensions Outer width: 350 [mm] max.
Outer diameter: 620 [mm] max.
Maximum Sample Weight 40 [kg]
System Dimension ~2000 x 2700 x 1800 [mm]
X-ray Tube 160 [kV]
Detector Active Area 200  x 200  [mm]
Pixel Pitch 200 [µm]
Bit depth 14 [bit]
Manipulation Wheel fixture

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