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With its compact design, the YXLON UX50 computed tomography system has been developed specifically for operation in industrial environments. With 450 kV and the availability of both line and/or flat-panel detector, it is particularly suitable for CT analyses of large and dense parts, additionally offering the best results in digital radioscopy. UX50 combines enormous flexibility, intuitive operation, and extreme durability for a future-proof investment.
  • Modern, compact design for industrial environments
  • 450 kV for very dense and large components
  • Automatic calibrations and image sharpness measurements for high efficiency
  • Maximum flexibility through the use of line and/or flat panel detectors
  • Comprehensive CT techniques and image enhancement software
  • Detailed DR results attributed to proven HDR filter

System Features

The UX50 is characterized by its large inspection area and various field-of-view extension techniques. The high-performance 450 kV X-ray tube enables problem-free radiography of complete engine blocks, steel parts, or complex e-mobility components. The optional equipment with the Yxlon designed and manufactured CTScan 3 line detector and the large flat panel detector optimized for high energies enables an above-average spectrum of different applications.

The cross-system Geminy software platform offers simple and intuitive system control via graphical icons. Various presets and menus guide the operator safely through the inspection task and ensure detailed and reliable results. The operator can apply image optimization tools such as ScatterFix, beam hardening correction, or metal artifact reduction already during the scan or afterward during reconstruction. Automatic calibrations and image sharpness measurements at the push of a button further increase efficiency.

The control panel is attached directly to the system and its height adjustability allows for comfortable working in a sitting or standing position. It is clearly structured with joysticks and pushbuttons allowing for correct operation even when wearing gloves. The separate CT evaluation station, available in different configurations, adapts to desired placements. Additional highlights include camera monitoring inside the cabinet, an indication of the X-ray beam by a fan beam laser, safe control of the inspection part manipulator when the door is open via buttons on the front of the system, and an optional external loading crane for inspection of extra heavy parts.

For long term, future-proof investment, Yxlon ensures a beneficial upgrade concept on the UX50. You configure your system according to current requirements and upgrade it accordingly as your needs grow or change. Thanks to the cross-system Geminy software platform, upgrades are available promptly so that you are always at the cutting edge of technology. Additionally, numerous options such as the specific carbon part holder for testing small, dense parts at high energies or the 60 cm turntable for extra-large specimens ensure convenient testing processes.

Technical Data

Attribute Respective Value
Sample Diameter 600 [mm]
Sample Height 850 [mm] Flat-Panel Detector / 800 [mm] Line Detector
Maximum Sample Weight 100 [kg]
X-ray Tube Y.TU450-D11
Detector Type Y.Panel 4343 N Flat-Panel Detector and/or YXLON CTScan 3-0780 Line Detector
CT Modes Cone-beam CT, Helical CT, FoV extension, Volume Crop, QualityScan, QuickScan®, Fan-beam CT
Voxel Size Down to 55 [µm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) with Flat-Panel Detector 570 x 850 [mm]
Inspection Envelope CT (3D) with Line Detector 600 x 800 [mm]
Inspection Envelope DR (2D) 520 x 850 [mm]

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