YXLON Inspection Services

X-ray and CT for Your Business Needs

YXLON Inspection Services, part of the YXLON Life Cycle Service, located in Germany, U.S.A., China and Japan, offers application and inspection services for all divisions within your company.

You and your company benefit from:

  • Reduced development costs and time
  • Optimized production process
  • Non-destructive insights into your products and components

Inspection Service Worldwide

We Offer the Following Inspection Services

  • Consultancy to define inspection specifications
  • Technical and commercial consultancy for optimum inspection solution
  • Inspection, analysis, and data processing
  • Delivery of inspection results and reports
  • Training for CT applications
  • Support at times of high capacity utilization or other constraints




Inspection of BGA solder joints and detection of bonding wire defects. Analysis of glued surfaces and inspection of printed circuit boards or other electronic industry components.


Recognition of blowholes and clusters, and detection of foreign bodies. Support for prevention of surface-breaking flaws on finished wheels, etc.


Identification of defects/missing wires in belt plies and verification of air inclusions, shifts and distortions in the reinforcement plies. Plus detection of foreign objects and more.


Obtain verification of blowholes and pores (pore analysis) and geometric measurement of inner structures, including wall-thickness analysis. Results show nominal/actual comparison.


Conduct inspection of turbine blades and welds, and analysis of fiber-reinforced materials, etc.

Labs & R&D

Medical technology material analysis such as implants, dispersal of active substance in tablets, and rock core analysis i.e. simulation of flow behavior.

New Materials

Includes tests of initial samples of plastic parts, support for additive manufacturing, such as fiber orientation, and pore analysis.

High Energy

Non-destructive testing of components with large dimensions or high material density.

Cultural Assets

Non-destructive testing of cultural assets such as sculptures, paintings, or archaeological discoveries.

CT Metrology

Conduct non-destructive dimensional measurements, including interior structures, plus non-sequential fast data acquisition with virtually unlimited measurement points. Defect analysis and nominal/actual comparison.

YXLON Inspection Services

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With our X-ray and CT Inspection Services There are no Limits to Your Creativity!

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