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How It's Made: All About Industrial Computed Tomography

The Science Behind Non-Destructive X-ray Inspection 

Computed tomography (CT) goes light years beyond regular 2-D X-ray technology to deliver accurate three-dimensional images of scanned objects, including their voids and areas of differing density. Jason Robbins, YXLON Senior Product Manager, explains the science of CT, X-ray system components, image acquisition and reconstruction.

This talk includes a detailed discussion of how to correct for various types of image artifacts as well as a comparison of the primary scanning techniques: cone beam CT, fan beam CT, helical CT, and laminography. Sample images are taken from specific X-ray inspection applications in aerospace, cast parts, and electronics industries.

Using X-ray technology, researchers, manufacturers, and designers from any industry can learn the most amazing things about the products, parts and samples they care about. Watch this 46-minute video to get a start on your PhD in X-ray. You'll learn about:

  • The history of X-ray technology and what distinguishes it from medical X-ray.
  • System components and what features are important for different applications.
  • Image acquisition and how images are reconstructed for analysis.
  • How specific calculations are derived: voxels, field of view, total scanning time.
  • How to identify and mitigate artifacts in images.
  • Modes, corrections, and features to obtain the best image for various applications. 

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