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Digital Radiography (DR) for Industrial Applications – the Capabilities and Science of Modern X-ray Systems

What you will learn in this paper:

  • What is Digital Radiography
  • Components of a DR system
  • Typical applications of DR in diverse industries
  • What to know when choosing a new DR System
  • DR system implementation planning

Digital radiography is a form of two-dimensional x-ray imaging in which traditional light-sensitive and radiation-sensitive x-ray film and analog hardware have been replaced with a digital image capture device, usually consisting of a flat-panel detector, and computer-based equipment.

The detector captures the images. The computer controls the operation of the system and manages the image acquisition in real time. Then it allows enhancing, processing, archiving and transferring the captured images digitally.

Three-dimensional images are only possible using computed tomography (CT) technique, detailed information on this subject is available in the YXLON CT Handbook.

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