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Handbook Download: Computed Tomography (CT) for Industrial Applications

Understanding and Benefiting from Capabilities, Applications, and Science of Modern 3D X-ray Systems

Computed Tomography (CT) is arguably the most exciting method in the NDT (non-destructive testing) world—and its applications are virtually limitless.

This handbook will empower engineers, designers, researchers, scientists and anyone interested in NDT on how to best leverage CT to see things they have never seen before without damaging the object under inspection. CT X-ray can be used to achieve:

  • More precise inspection of parts
  • Automated defect recognition
  • Accurate metrology inspections
  • Reverse engineering datasets for additive manufacturing
  • Collaboration with investigators located anywhere in the world

Imagine. . .seeing inside your sample, viewing defects, making measurements, and seeing density charges—all non-destructively. Download the handbook to compare common industrial CT, take a detailed look at CT system components and digital reconstructions and gain technical insight into system implementations.

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