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Are Third-Party Computed Tomography and Digital X-ray Inspection Services Right for Your Business?

Understanding When to Use a Third-Party and What to Ask When You're Evaluating Options

Whether you’re prototyping or producing finished products, nondestructive X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) inspection has unlimited applications and endless benefits for your company. But purchasing inspection equipment can feel like a daunting task and finding the right third-party inspection service partner can prove challenging. 

This white paper addresses many of the questions you will face when determining exactly what type of inspection partner you need and how to tell if it’s time for your company to make use of third-party inspection services.

Topics covered in this white paper are:

  • What customer standards are important for compliance
  • Specifics involving both global or local presence for test outsourcers
  • How to apply the "try before you buy" option and whether those economics make sense for your test volume

To better understand when to use a third-party and what to ask your potential inspection partners, fill out the form on this page to download your free copy of the Inspection Services white paper today.

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